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Our modern world thrives on the constant evolution of technology. At Enhanced Home we believe the modern home is no different: Always evolving, yet steadfast & seamless.

For over a decade, Enhanced Home has thrived on one mission, deliver our clients an experience that enhances their lifestyle and never hinders it. This implores us to provide seamless integration & design to each and every client. Whether it’s an entire home environment or a single room solution, the experience must always be at the core of our offering.

From our modest beginnings, EH has grown to a full-service Design, Engineering & Integration firm. Our proven ability to integrate with homeowners, architects, designers & contractors has built the foundation that everyone works best when we all work together. From this foundation, our commitment to our clients is to deliver a fully designed & engineered technology experience for a better lifestyle, not a complicated one.



It's not about the technology.

It's about the experience.

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The Difference.

We've developed a process that works.  

Beginning with design & engineering we work with you, architects, builders & interior designers to ensure a seamless relationship.  Enhanced Home never forgets the importance of the final experience and the best way we can achieve that is through being a member of the team.

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