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Alpesh Patel

Alpesh patel

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Cortney Combs

cortney combs

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Chase BenzenBerg

As one of the original team members, Chase has been with EH for over a decade. His affinity for programming and natural ability with client services is how he became our head programmer and lead on our delivery team. 

Victor Vera


When you think "jack of all trades" you should also think Victor Vera. In his short tenure with EH he has proven to be the go-to person for almost anything and everything. From installation to troubleshooting to in-field programming, Victor is the grease that keeps all of our gears moving forward. 

Geoffrey Cox

With his background in luxury retail & custom cabinetry, EH was lucky to find Geoffrey to fulfill a much needed role as our resident AutoCAD expert. He helps us bring an experience to life in a 3D world well before the installation is actually complete. Geoffrey creates the map that guides us all throughout the life of a project. He's also great to have around when you're in the mood for a pint and a lively conversation about football (the soccer kind).